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Moss Agate Cabochon, 48.2mmx27.8mmx 5.5mm – 1 Piece

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Materials: Gemstone

This is a very beautiful Natural Picture Moss Agate! The Picture Effect in this agate is actually caused by the Moss mineral deposited within the stone. This piece has wonderful Multi-color MOSS mineral that make the gem looks like “GARDEN” in the center. Looks stunning in person.

Name: Moss Agate
Origin: Indonesia
Natural/Lab Created: Natural
Treatment: Untreated
Weight : 57.3cts
Size : 48.2mmx27.8mmx 5.5mm


Great for bezel setting or wire wrapping, this Moss Agate carries a strong connection with nature, and provides healing and nurturing energy. Associated with the heart chakra, Moss Agate also helps facilitate the release of old habits and fears to inspire growth.

All my cabochons are shipped in a hard covered gem box.