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Large Blue Hubei Turquoise Cabochon, Stabilized, 37.4x26x7mm, 51.8cts – 1 Piece

$62.15 inc GST.

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Materials: Gemstone
Length: 37.4 millimetres

This listing is for one freeform stabilised piece of genuine HUBEI TURQUOISE w/Black Spiderweb Matrix. It is not drilled. This listing is for the exact stone shown in the photo.

Weight 10.36 grams

Size: 37.4x26x7mm

This cabochon is polished one side only and the back side of the cabochon has been semi-polished.

The last picture shown the back side of cabochon.

Turquoise price guide 2014:
Chinese Hubei turquoise, mined in the mountains around Zhushan county, is becoming more and more popular in past few years. Partly because of the the booming Chinese economy and more Chinese have recognized and fell in love with the unique precious stone. Another main reason is the mine is dying out slowly due to excessively mining over past decade and the local government has put restrict rule on mining and trading to protect its resource in 2008. The price is raising average 20% every year since then. Currently the good quality Chinese turquoise averaged $25/gram, still a lot cheaper compared American turquoise for comparable quality and color and hardness. The average quality turquoise cabochons are normally sold at price of $6~8 per gram depending on quality.