Sands of Time Designs - Handmade Jewellery



My name is Debra Senjuschenko and as long as I can remember I have been doing some type of art or craft.

I work out of my studio in Howard Springs, NT Australia and since 2002 have been designing and making jewellery. In 2008 I added chainmailling and metal coldforming to my jewellery designs with lampworking soon to follow. I have been making glass beads since 2009 and in 2012 added silversmithing to my portfolio.

The glass used in lampworking is mainly Effetre and CIM glass. I also use Double Helix, Precision, Reichenbach and Lauscha glass which have a COE of 104 and 96. All beads used in my jewellery have been annealed for 24 hours in a kiln for strength, cleaned and inspected before being used.
All my jewellery started out as glass rods, wire, and sheet metal. Metals used are silver, gold, brass, copper and bronze. Only small findings used in my jewellery are purchased.

In 2018, I decided to start doing workshops. I found there are different reasons people want to do workshops whether it be for wellbeing, meeting people with similar interests, just to make a piece of jewellery or to genuinely learn a new craft.

I love working with those who are just as passionate as me in learning new skills. Along with chainmaille, lampworking and silversmithing I haven’t finished learning yet. I am hoping my future adds enamelling, lapidary and wood turning to my skill set. There are just not enough hours in a day to do what I currently do and learn more.

In the past many people started asking me if they could buy the bits and pieces I bought to use myself so in 2018 I decided it was the right time to set up an online jewellery supplies shop on Etsy which has grown considerably in the last 3 years to the extent that I now have a part time worker so I can concentrate on what I love best ‘making jewellery.