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Large Bumblebee Jasper Eye Cabochons, Sold Individually

$32.35$38.50 inc GST.

Gemstone: Bumblebee Jasper Cabochons with Eyes
– 1. Round, Size: 38mm Round x 4mm Thick, Flat Back, 54.1 Cts
– 2. Triangular, Size: 47mm Long x 27.6mm Wide x 4.6mm Thick, Flat Back, 53.4 Cts
– 3. Trapezoid, Size: 42mm Long x 26mm Wide x 5.1mm Thick, Flat Back, 56.9 Cts
– 4. Triangular, Size: 43.9mm Long x 21.6mm Wide x 5.1mm Thick, Flat Back, 42.9 Cts
– 5. Triangular, Size: 49mm Long x 30mm Wide x 5.3mm Thick, Flat Back, 63.6 Cts
– 6. Marquis, Size: 65.8mm Long x 25.7mm Wide x 4.7mm Thick, Flat Back, 69.9 Cts
– 7. Triangular, Size: 48mm Long x 26.3mm Wide x 6.6mm Thick, Flat Back, 70.2 Cts
– 8. Oval, Size: 47.8mm Long x 32.8mm Wide x 7.75mm Thick, Flat Back, 113.6 Cts

Surface: Excellent shine, somewhat textured typical of this material

Natural color and nicely polished cabochon has beautiful natural patterns and colors.

All these stones feature various shades of gray, black and yellow and all feature2 or more eyes.

Please contact me if you require more photos.

Origin: Indonesia

The photos are taken indoor for the most accurate color. Please note that there might be color variations on your screen depending on your monitor setting.