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28mm Swarovski Shell Pendant 6723, Crystal AB, Sold Individually

$18.20 inc GST.

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Item: Swarovski Strass Shell Pendant 6723
Size: 28mm
Colour: Crystal AB
Amount: Sold Individually

The Swarovski STRASS line of crystals is made in Austria and some of the finest quality crystal made anywhere in the world. When you purchase these, you are getting QUALITY! It is considered to have unparalleled brilliance and quality because of its high precision cut faceting and its light breaking properties. The more precise the cuts of the crystal, the more it will refract light into all the colors of the spectrum, thereby creating a rainbow, and the result is a brilliance only Swarovski can create.

To ensure authenticity, each crystal is engraved with the Swarovski STRASS signature. The images in the listing indicate the location of the STRASS signature as well as the location of the holes. (*Beware of imitations – they will not offer the same brilliance, cut and clarity that these Swarovski STRASS components have.)