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11/0 Matte Op. Gray Miyuki Seed Beads

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Brand: Miyuki
Size: 11/0
Color: Matte Opaque Gray (#DB761)
Length: 1.6mm
Width: 1.5mm
Hole Size: 0.8mm
Material: Glass
Amount: 10 Grams
Approximate Beads Per 10 Gram: 1900
Country of Origin: Japan

Miyuki seed beads come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are ideal for bead embroidery, bead weaving and stringing handmade jewelry projects. They can be incorporated into projects using techniques such as right-angle weave, spiral stitch, peyote stitch, herringbone weave, square stitch, kumihimo, bead crochet, etc.

Please note that color can vary slightly from photographs.