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Summer Flowers Handmade Glass (Lampwork) Bead Set, 10 Beads + 11 Spacers

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This handmade lampwork bead set was made with Effetre Moretti (from Murano, Italy) glass. The beads was formed and shaped primarily with gravity and the aid of glass working tools. All my beads are placed in the kiln where they are left to anneal for 24 hours until they have cooled to room temperature. Each bead is then cleaned and checked for flaws. No bead is identical to the other this comes with being all handcrafted.

Bead Size: 1.3 to 1.4cm from hole to hole, 1.5cm approx. across the widest part of the bead
Bead Hole: 2.5mm approx.

Black, white and red

All beads are hand crafted glass