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Russian Serpentine Jade Beads

$12.80$15.60 inc GST.

Gemstone: Russian Serpentine Jade
Size: Select 6mm or 8mm
Hole: 1mm
Strand Length (inches): 15.7″
Color: Natural multi colored – mustard, green, cream, red
Beads in Strand:
6mm – Approx 62 beads
8mm – Approx 48 beads

Serpentine is a gem-quality hydrated magnesium silicate, usually green, yellowish-green, or brownish-green in color. Its name is thought to be derived from its serpent-like green colors. Serpentine is not just a gemstone, but rather, it is a group of minerals which includes up to 20 different related members.

Serpentine supports efforts at rebalancing your digestion.

Serpentine is a good cleansing stone, it detoxifies the blood and the body. It is said to aid longevity.

Serpentine eliminates parasites, helps calcium and magnesium absorption. Treats hypoglycaemia and diabetes. It helps with pain relief, especially muscular and menstrual. This stone can assist in cellular regeneration and replenishing your energy levels.