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Maifanite 8mm Round Beads

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Gemstone: Maifanite
Size: 8mm
Strand Length (inches): 15.5″
Color: Gray/brown/pink
Beads in Strand: Approx. 47 beads

Maifan stone (maifanite) has a long history of medicinal use in Asia—its properties were discovered by Buddhist monks. Maifan stone was first referred to as medicine stone by Li Shizen in the classic 52-volume compendium of Chinese medicine written during the Ming Dynasty. It has been used in food processing, agriculture, cosmetics, water purification and water remineralization for many years. Rice and bean curd soaked with the stone has an enhanced flavor and many presumed health effects. The stone contains a balance of minerals and trace minerals, including 68% silicon dioxide (quartz) and other minerals in their oxide form. (Oxides react with water to form hydroxides which slightly raise the pH of water as minerals are released.)

Maifan stone is strongly adsorptive; known to remove heavy metals and other impurities from water. At the same time it releases minerals. It is an ideal stone for supporting the remineralization of “empty” water and it carries a strong Earth resonance.