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Hematite Non-magnetic Beads

$4.10$9.85 inc GST.

Item: Non-magnetic Synthetic Hematite Beads
Finish: Electroplated
Colour: Multi-color
Size: 29x4mm
Shape: Round/Donut
Hole: 1mm Half Drilled

These Non-magnetic Synthetic Hematite beads are very pretty and look great as earrings. They are nice and strong so they are also great for making wraps, or any other magnetic jewelry project. The lustrous, metallic looking beads can add richness. For an exciting new look, mix the hematite with other beads for a scintillating combination. They are drilled through the thinner side of the disc.

Please note: Most of the discs are very colorful on one side and the other side is either gold or silver gray.