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Charoite 6mm Round Beads

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Gemstone: Charoite
Size: 6mm
Strand Length (inches): 15.5″
Colour: Purple (color enhanced)
Beads in Strand: Approx. 64 beads

This rare stone was found in the 1940′s and derives its name from the Russian word “chary” meaning magic or charms. It is only found in the region of the Chara (or Charo) river in the Murun mountains in Yakutia, eastern Siberia and was not made available to the wider world until 1978. It ranges in colour from pale lilac to deep purple, can have inclusions of calcite and often displays a feather like chatoyancy within the stone. Traditionally Charoite has been used to bring comfort to those who feel isolated or live alone and to give courage to persevere during adversity.