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8x5mm RARE Gemstone Boracite Green/Blue Chip Beads, 16″ Strand

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Item: RARE Gemstone Boracite Chip Beads
Size: 5x8mm
Hole ID: 0.6mm
Colour: Blue/ Green
Strand: 16″

These small groups of Boracite crystals are extremely rare and come from Boulby, England.

Powerfully clearing, this can be a challenging crystal to work with, but well worth persevering with. Affects all the chakras, with a particular influence on the Heart, Throat and Solar Plexus, first clearing, then reinvigorating, and finally balancing the whole by raising the vibration of each.
Can initially be quite challenging, as the clearing process may be uncomfortable – particularly in the Solar Plexus area.
Raises personal vibration and leaves the user feeling more alert and thinking more clearly.
It is recommended to hold a grounding minerals such as pyrite or hematite when using Boracite.