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8mm Amazonite Gemstone Beads, Grade A, 15″ Strand

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Gemstone: Amazonite, Grade A
Size: 8mm
Hole ID: 1mm
Colour: Blue Green (not dyed)
Strand: 15″ (38cm)
Beads per Strand: 46 (approx.)

Similar to jade, amazonite is associated with money, luck and overall success. It’s known as the “gambler’s stone,” encouraging good luck and fortune. Amazonite is said to have a soothing effect on the nervous system.

Its calming green color promotes balance and harmony, creating a sense of peace and tranquility. Amazonite is also known for its ability to enhance communication skills, allowing you to express yourself with clarity and confidence. Its spiritual properties also inspire creativity and new ideas, helping you to tap into your inner inspiration and unlock your full potential.