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1mm Brazilian Waxed Twisted Knot-It Cord, 144 Metres – Blue

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Item: Knot It Brazilian Waxed Cord
Material: Polyester
Length: 144 Metres
Colour: Blue

Note from Beadsmith: This thread is sourced and packaged for Beadsmith from two factories in Brazil, one of them being Linhasita. They purchase different colors from each factory.

Perfect for jewelry, macrame, friendship bracelets, crafts, bookmaking, leather work, and more! Not only is this 2-ply polyester cord very strong and durable, it’s also washable, colorfast and will not fray. Another feature is the ability to burn the ends with a flame (such as torch or lighter) for a nice seamless finish. You can even incorporate extras pieces if and when needed and it will bond well and remain strong. Each spool contains 100 grams of cord (approximately144 meters). Made in Brazil.