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Xuron Micro-Shear Flush Cutters, Model 2175, 148mm

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Xuron’s 2175 Maxi Shear is an extremely versatile and durable wire cutter, and features a patented Micro-Shear cutting action producing a clean flush cut. Blades have a lightly beveled cutting edges allow for minimal blade by-pass ensuring the finest flush cut possible.

The 2175 Xuron Maxi Shear cutter is made of carbon tool steel that is heat treated and anodized, the handles are covered with nonslip Xuro-Rubber™ cushioned grips. The Cutter is tough enough for harnesses and cables, yet precision enough to cut up to 2mm (12ga) of soft wire.

Xuron’s 2175 is ergonomically shaped with non slip Xuron-Rubber Grips, it has the “Orange” Grip handles. An all around wire cutter used in Electronics applications, Aviation,Hobby and crafts, by Jewelers for wire.

Length: 14.8cm (5.8″)