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Handmade Evil Eye Bead and Onyx Elastic Bracelet, Average Size, 1 Bracelet

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Amazing & simple black Onyx matte gemstone beaded bracelet with a protective evil eye bead. It is an easy, comfortable fit for a 7 inch wrist.

Wear it single or stack it with other favorites!

– 6mm natural black Onyx gemstone beads
– Handmade Evil Eye bead
– Made with the best quality strong elastic cord

Bracelet full length 7 inches

Predominantly black with a handmade blue, black and white Evil Eye bead.

Murano Glass, onyx and elastic

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BLACK ONYX (Chalcedony) promotes Self-Assertion, Boosts Self-Confidence & Sense of Responsibility, Improves Rational Thinking, Logic, Control & Power of Reasoning, Self Assertion, Helps Restore the System if its Overloaded Due to Excess Pressure, Grounding, Stabilizing, Inner Strength, Focused Attention, Willpower, Discipline, Reason, Calms nervousness, Soothes Hot Tempers & Calms Anxiety, May Enhance Spiritual Vision & Dream Experiences, Scrying & Magic Work

It is believed that wearing Black Onyx may help us achieve balance between work and personal life, especially if there is too much emphasis on work.
Onyx is a stone of Inner Strength. Helps us carry even difficult tasks through to completion.
Black Onyx is also seen as a stone of physical strength, as it allows energies to be contained rather than dissipate. A great stone for body builders, no matter how modest one’s goals.
It is able to help one stay focused, on a diet or an exercise regime and follow through until its completed.
Allow It to help you control, focus and direct the will which brings about a considerable increase in one’s personal power.
Black Onyx teaches us the appropriate use of power & to focus our energy in positive forces.
One of the best materials (used for thousands of years) to carve magical objects.
Emotionally neutral.
Sharpens sense of hearing, improves functions of the nerves.
Releases negative emotions and helps promote relaxation.
Useful when a relationship needs stabilizing.
As all the black stones Black Onyx is a protective stone.

Zodiac: Leo
Element: Earth
Chakras: Root, Solar Plexus & Third Eye


“Evil eye” has been mentioned across most cultures and measures have long been taken to avoid its detrimental negative effects on our well being. Evil eye is the name that embodies the generic evils and dangers that threaten humans on earth.
It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the eyes specifically. It refers to jealousy and malice, a destructive, negative force.
Sometimes it originates in spirit sources. However, more often than not, humans are to blame for its manifestation.
Also, the evil eye doesn’t necessarily mean malevolently. It is believed by some that those who cast it do so unwillingly and inadvertently. Others claim that for it to actually manifest, it has to be intentional and pure negative energy.
Fortunately, there are ways humans have been practicing for very long time to avoid the evil eye and protect ourselves from it.
It is advised that avoidance of boasting about one’s good fortune is helpful in order to not attract dangerous attention.
Moreover, a powerful, deflecting amulet worn hanged or carried is believed to help defending one from the destructive energies of the evil eye.

Many claim that black tourmalines are excellent and most powerful crystals in order to deflect evil and also behave as a shield.

As far as metals are concerned, iron and silver are the ones that are credited with psychic protection.

Furthermore, they say nothing else defeats the evil eye like another eye. Another eye draws the evil eye toward it so it is unable to glance elsewhere, then boomerangs the evil glance right back to its sender, acting as a shield.
Sometimes the shape of the eye is used also with the same efficacy.
Small blue glass eyes from Greece or Turkey are hung from necklaces, on walls or mirrors. Traditionally, it is believed they work best if received as a gift.