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Adjustable Lampwork Bracelet with Handmade Beads, Green/White, Fits Average to Large Size

$130.00 inc GST.

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This bracelet features my own handmade lampwork glass beads in Green and white. The sterling silver chain is also made in my studio and allows this bracelet to be adjustable from the average wrist size of 18cm up to 20cm.

This bracelet can be adjusted larger or smaller upon request.

These handmade beads are made with Effetre (Murano) 104 COE glass. The beads were formed and shaped primarily with gravity and with the aid of glass working tools. All my beads are placed in the kiln where they are left to anneal for 24 hours until they have cooled to room temperature. Each bead is then cleaned and checked for flaws. No bead is identical to the other this comes with being all handcrafted. All my handmade beads are unique in their own way.

Total length is 25.5 cm including the extension chain