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Poppy Jasper Red Round Beads

$5.60$7.80 inc GST.

Gemstone: Red Poppy Jasper
Size: Choose 4mm or 8mm
Strand Length (inches): 15.5″
Hole: 0.8mm (4mm) & 1mm (8mm)
Colour: Red/gray
Beads in Strand:
4mm – 107 Beads
8mm – 47 Beads

Poppy Jasper is a variation of the Brecciated Jasper. This stone is characterized by its orbicular patterns of brilliant red “poppies” amid speckled shades of white, yellow, brown, and black. Poppy Jasper is formed when the Jasper fractures, and crystals of hematite or quartz, or both, are created in the resulting spaces.

Poppy Jasper is recognized for its joyful, powerful energy. By working with the root chakra, this type of jasper can be used for deep spiritual grounding or revitalizing. This makes it an excellent all-purpose stone for controlling and stimulating one’s energy, mental activity, sex drive, and motivation.