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Labradorite Chip Beads

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Shape: Chips
Type: Labradorite
Color: Gray/Blue
Size: 6~8mm
Strand: 36″
Hole: 1mm

Due to the nature of beads and bead manufacturing, each one is a little unique and because of this all sizes given is approximated and all pictures indicate what to expect but may not represent the exact set of beads you will receive.

A semi-precious plagioclase stone with a Feldspar substance that usually reveals a variety of colors if light touches it is called Labradorite and the flashing of colors is called “labradorescence” or “adularescence”. Spectrolite is also another name for this dazzling stone.

Labradorite is one of the most powerful and stunning semi-precious stones around the world. its full display colors expose it to become more attractive than the others. It has full power to heal, protect, and produce energy that gives us the reason to love it even more.