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14mm Banded Agate Coin Beads, 15″ Strand

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Gemstone: Banded Agate (dyed)
Shape: Coin, Flat Round Beads
Size: About 14mm in diameter, 6mm thick
Hole: 1mm
Strand length: 15.2″
Approx Beads: 28 Beads

Banded Agate, also known as “Layered Agate” comes with a band like layers of microscopic Quartz crystals. It is formed from the deposition of layers of silica, in volcanic vesicles or other cavities. Layers and bands inside the stone are formed in stages and add to the beauty of this unique gemstone.

Agate is believed to enhance trust and honesty, and to assist with acceptance to circumstances and emotions. In addition to this, Agate is believed to be able to improve memory. Due to the beads were dyed, color may vary slightly.