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Sunshine Satin Finishing and Polishing Cloth, 7.5″ x 5″ (Large)

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Smooth rough edges with the dual-sided Sunshine® Satin Cloth. The dark pink side lightly sands, leaving a fine satin finish. The light pink side is impregnated with a micro-abrasive that’s slightly more aggressive than our original Sunshine cloth for cleaning, removing tarnish and polishing. Safe for precious and base metals. The long-lasting cloth keeps effectively polishing until it is worn through.

Specifications & Features
Dimensions: 7-1/2″L x 5″W (190 x 127mm)
Quantity: 1 (sold individually)
Shipping Weight: 0.507 ounces (14.366g)
Country Of Origin: Japan

Sunshine polishing cloths are impregnated with cleansing agents and non-scratching micro-abrasives. When rubbed on the surface of your jewelry they will gently clean and polish, leaving a beautiful luster on the metal.

The dual-sided pink Sunshine® Satin cloth is the most aggressive of the Sunshine trio. The original yellow Sunshine cloth is less aggressive. The least aggressive is the blue Sunshine Soft cloth.

Safe to use on sterling silver, gold, brass, aluminium, copper, and other metals.

**Directions: Be sure the item to be polished is free from dust and other abrasives. Then gently rub the surface to be polished. Each time you use part of the cloth, it will darken. Continue to use the cloth (both sides) until it is completely darkened. DO NOT WASH CLOTH.